Game Design Unit 7
Background Illustrations provided by:

Flash Game:
This is a simple flash game with simple coding, only needing 6 parts to it. It’s just a general shooting flash game using pixel art drawn by myself.

The Aqua Draco-Vulpin is having to fight of the Fire Daemons to protect the forest and keeps them at bay by throwing water balls at them.

Unfortunately the sprites are not animated but if I progress down the route in the future I’d like to spend time giving them actions and a sound track.

Pixel Sprites for Flash Games!
Just created my first set of sprites and I am happy to say I enjoyed making them. A little fiddly and the shading can be difficult but fun none the less. One is soon to be thrown into a flash game!

I started off with the double the canvas size of the final image. I sketched out the creature, re-sized the image to half of its original size, Drew out the lines as a single pixel line. Then I coloured, shaded and saved. 

Pixel Art:
I chose these because of the use of colour and the complexity of the designs. Because it’s pixel art, the pattern created by individual pixels reminds me of mosaics. The small scale of the images allows accurate construction of an image with different colour variations and shading.
Since pixel art it digital, it is also easy to to manipulate and animate. 

Spider References and Research

Spiders are a frequent enemy or critter in many games and I wanted to try my hand at designing one myself. Something sinister with spikes and vascular structure.  I also want to give it a mouth for devouring victims but I’m afraid that would look comical rather then alien.

Here is the full process of my painting.
Finished it today. Was originally going to be stalking pray in a savanna setting but though she’s be more of an opportunist adventurer then a carnivorous predator.
Took several hour. Didn’t keep track but there you go.